When The Goonies was released, I had the same age as the boys of the film: Mikey (Sean Austin), Chunk (Jeff Cohen), Mouth (Corey Feldman) and Data (Jonathan Ke Quan). I leave the theater and wanted to form my club with some friends. I remember to have formed something, but we never found a treasure map hidden and thus can not perform any adventure.

This picture is a tribute to the movie that marked so many of my generation. I did not want to make a exact caricature of the actors, just wanted to follow some details such as clothes, haircuts and eye colors. Data's clothes was very cool to do because I found a map specifying the exact position of the crests above the military overcoat. I also used photos taken from film to print on Chunk's clothing and Mikey's map. Of course, the Mouth's T-shirt is stamped with the Prince's Purple Rain.

On the ground, has a shadow that may belong to Sloth. Obviously because of the boys look of surprise, the scene takes place before they knew Sloth is a nice guy.